The Ideal Model Core Values

Discover Your Core Value: A Quiz for Models, Photographers, and Industry Enthusiasts

Curious about which of the TIM Values best describes you? Why not take this quiz and find out? Taking this quiz can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and who you strive to be! You can discover if your Role Model Value is one of Authenticity, Commitment, Confidence, or Empowerment.

At The Ideal Model, we are committed to our core values and strive to uphold them in everything we do.

We believe that following our core values is the best way to provide meaningful, long-lasting impact. We know that staying true to our values can create a better future for ourselves and others. 


There is no more fantastic sign of dedication and determination than being willing to stay true to promises and fulfill the commitments one sets forth. Even in the face of difficulty, you exhibit a strong sense of loyalty and make sure to uphold the commitments you make. Learn more. Learn more.


We all come from diverse backgrounds and have unique traits. Instead of striving to outdo one another, let's celebrate our differences and be compassionate towards each other. Remember that our authenticity makes us who we are, and that is something to be cherished. Learn more.


Believe in yourself and what you are capable of, and trust in your worthiness - this is the ultimate form of confidence. Don't be afraid to embrace and express your genuine admiration for yourself. Show your strength and make sure you know how amazing you indeed are. Learn more.


By demonstrating your ambition and dedication to self-growth, you can inspire and encourage those around you to take the necessary steps to achieve their highest personal and professional aims. Harness the power of your example to make a genuinely positive impact on those around you! Learn more.

Remember, each Core Value represents a unique strength that can propel your modeling career to new heights. Embrace your superpower and let it shine through your journey in the modeling industry.

Have you ever wondered what drives you, what fuels your passion, and what sets your journey apart? At The Ideal Model, we believe in the power of self-discovery and embracing our core values. So, let's embark on a journey together to unveil the essence that makes you uniquely YOU.

Question 1: What Motivates You?

a) Making a lasting impact and empowering others
b) Staying true to yourself and embracing authenticity
c) Committed to your goals and always pushing the boundaries
d) Building confidence within yourself and inspiring it in others

Question 2: Your Approach to Challenges Is:

a) Finding strength in empowering those around you
b) Tackling them authentically, staying true to your principles
c) Meeting them head-on with unwavering commitment
d) Confronting them with confidence and resilience

Question 3: How Do You Define Success?

a) Creating a community where everyone's voice is heard
b) Achieving success by staying true to your authentic self
c) Conquering goals through unwavering commitment
d) Inspiring confidence in yourself and those around you

Question 4: What Drives Your Passion?

a) Empowering others to find their voice
b) Expressing your true self authentically
c) Staying committed to your dreams and aspirations
d) Building confidence within yourself and others


Mostly A's: Empowerment: Your core value is Empowerment! You thrive on lifting others up, creating a supportive community where everyone's voice matters. Your journey is driven by a passion to empower those around you.

Mostly B's: Authenticity: Authenticity is your core value! You believe in staying true to yourself, embracing your uniqueness, and inspiring others to do the same. Your journey is marked by genuine, authentic connections.

Mostly C's: Commitment: Commitment is your core value! Your journey is characterized by unwavering dedication to your goals. Challenges are met head-on, and success is achieved through persistent commitment.

Mostly D's: Confidence: Your core value is Confidence! You exude self-assurance and inspire it in others. Your journey is all about building confidence within yourself and empowering others to do the same.

Now that you've discovered your core value, share it with us in the comments below! We would love to hear about the essence that fuels your journey. Remember, every voice, every story, and every path matters. Let's celebrate the diversity of our community!

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