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Modeling Tool Builder

Create Comp Cards, Digitals, Modeling Resumes, or Media Kits effortlessly.

Includes a pitch note template for a complete professional package.

Starting from $14.99 for the tools you need to stand out and succeed.

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Modeling tool prints, redefine your modeling journey

The Ideal Model

Modeling Tool Prints

Print your Headshots, Comp Cards, or Digitals with quality that speaks volumes.

Starting from $69.99, ensure your portfolio is as stunning on paper as you are in person.

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The Ideal Model

ModelTools FAQs

What formats do the templates come in?

Our templates are typically provided in popular formats like PDF and editable formats for ease of use across different platforms..

Can I use the templates for multiple gigs or seasons?

Certainly! Once purchased, our templates are yours to use and customize for various gigs, seasons, or any other modeling endeavors.

Are there any hidden fees or subscriptions associated with ModelTools?

No hidden fees. You pay a one-time fee for the templates or prints you choose, ensuring transparency and simplicity in your purchase.

What if I encounter issues with the templates or prints?

Contact our dedicated support team, and we'll assist you promptly to resolve any issues and ensure a smooth experience with ModelTools.

Can I use the templates and prints for both digital and physical portfolios?

Certainly! Our templates are versatile, allowing you to use them seamlessly for both digital and physical portfolios.